Update (Sept 2022): Unfortunately, the Promenade app is currently unavilable due to technical limiations and has been removed from the App Store. We are working on updates to get it re-listed, but it is not currently possible to install it on an iPad until this is resolved.

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What Is Promenade?

Promenade is an iPad app designed for family members and caregivers to use when visiting loved ones living with dementia or related illnesses. Created by experts in the field of Gerontology and Therapeutic Recreation, Promenade is a tool that can help stimulate conversation, encourage reminiscence, and make personal visits more rewarding and engaging. Promenade presents groups of photographs based on user selected topics; however, it's much more than just an image search. Every topic is accompanied by a list of conversation based questions, as well as related topic suggestions to ensure there’s always something to talk about. Conversations will flow with ease as you and your loved one nostalgically discuss memories inspired by the countless photos and questions provided. Bring Promenade along for your next visit, and revisit a lifetime of memories, together.

How Does It Help?

Promenade provides an alternative approach to communicating with loved ones living with dementia. In view of the proven positive effects of Reminiscence Therapy, Promenade uses photos and conversation-based questions in a way that makes it easier for someone with dementia to reminisce about past life events and pleasant memories. The photos provide the visual cue needed to help trigger the memory, and the questions provide an opportunity for the visiting family member to help expand on that memory and discuss the details surrounding it. Struggling to understand and converse with those we love is a reality that many of us face on a daily basis. With Promenade, both loved ones and their family members can enjoy visits again.

What is Reminiscence Therapy?

Reminiscence therapy is the heart and soul of Promenade. Reminiscence therapy is a way of thinking back on past activities, events and experiences. It’s a powerful therapeutic approach that often improves mood and brings a person back to a reality they know and more importantly, understand. When living with dementia, less and less of one’s current surroundings make sense. With a dissipating short-term memory, feelings such as confusion, mistrust and anxiety are unfortunately all too common. Through reminiscing, a person with dementia can take pleasure in reviewing positive stories and events from days gone by. Use Promenade’s photos, questions and music to enhance your reminiscing experience.


Image Gallery
For every search, Promenade finds a collection of pictures and presents them as a grid of thumbnails. High-res versions are just a tap away. Or swipe between the full versions for a slideshow.

Promenade will do its best to provide great questions for anything that you search for. Be as specific or as broad as you'd like. It doesn't always get it right, but it's always being improved.

Based on what you searched for, Promenade will provide suggestions for what to talk about next. Jump from topic to topic, it's addictive!

Custom Searches
Search for anything that you feel would make a good starting point for the conversation, based on who you're sitting down with.

Search Suggestions
Having trouble coming up with a place to start? No problem, Promenade provides a large list of suggestions, guaranteed to provide great questions.

User Profiles
If you use Promenade often with the same person or group of people, use the Profile section to keep track of previous conversations.

Background Music
Promenade comes pre-loaded with a mix of classical and jazz music for you to enjoy.

Conversation Tips
Promenade provides a large list of communication tips for family members and caregivers, provided by the Alzheimer's Society of Canada.

Random Backgrounds
Each time Promenade is launched, you'll see a different background screen. Which one is your favorite?

Always Improving

Promenade tries its best to find relevant questions whenever you use the custom search option. If the questions don't match your desired search term, try rephrasing it. Occasionally you'll get of a list questions that don't match - we know this happens from time to time, and while it'll never be 100%, we're constantly working on making it better! Help us out by letting us know what custom search questions we're missing.


Promenade is an excellent educational tool to teach the facilitation technique of reminiscing. It provides users with vivid person focused images and supporting questions all with a touch of the screen. Gone are the days of clumsy coffee table books! Promenade is a welcomed resource to the field of Recreation Therapy!

- Joanne Brohman, Academic Co-ordinator, Recreation Therapy Program, Mohawk College


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